Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello Everyone! I apologize for my hiatus.
I owe you a number of pictures and posts as I've done quite a few things in the last few weeks including getting THE Dress!!!
So our dress journey began after the 2010 bridal expo at Veterans Memorial.
It inspired my mom and sister and I to jump on the dress train and see where it would take us. We started out at David’s Bridal, and it was crawling with brides….so busy in fact that we were unable to try on any wedding dresses. My sister did how ever get to try on a few bridesmaid dresses, let’s just say they were not the look we are going for!
We then went across the street to Wendy’s bridal, where I absolutely fell in love with a dress. I made an appointment for the following Saturday and was so pumped.
Dress shopping was one of the tasks that I was most fearful of. I’m a full figured girl who is not afraid to flaunt it, and I was worried that I was not going to fit in any of the sample size dresses.
Our group (both moms and sisters) met at Wendy’s and were assigned a sales person. We were not given a tour, we were not shown where the normal size dresses are located, and we were not even asked a price point. Not to mention our sales person was an older woman whose personality totally conflicted with every single person that was with me.
Back to the dresses, I got to try on the DREAM dress and guess what, it made me look like a balloon. So my mom advised that I try on a dress that I normally wouldn’t. Five dresses and 2 hours later we had a style, mermaid. Who would have thought that someone with my figure would look stunning in a tight ass dress!!!
We did not end up buying one at Wendy’s for many reasons..
One: the salesperson aka grandma kept putting a freaking traditional veil on my head with EVERY dress I tried on, she didn’t ask me if I liked it or not. Finally I grabbed it from her and said NO I’m not going this rout..Birdcage veil please. Then she still tried putting it on with all the dresses to the point where my soon to be sister in-law had to hid it!
Two: All mermaid styles they carried were in an 8..im a 12 on a good day. Needless to say my hips didn’t even fit in them, her answer: oh we just don’t carry that size in that style, but we do have a plus size section of dresses. UMM NO
Three: due to the fact that it took 4 million years to put on each dress we were only able to try on 5. She did mention about the arthritis in her hands and the shoulder surgery she just had… like are you kidding
Four: the whole experience just left a stressful over whelming taste in my mouth.
So the following weekend we made an appointment at Bride and Formal in Cincinnati on a Friday afternoon. Once we arrived they showed us around and explained that they have the largest selection of sample wedding dresses I think in the US ..? They asked price point, and showed how the dresses were arranged and guess what most all the dresses were size 10-12 !!!!
We went crazy pulling 15 dresses in 20 min. for me to try on. Our sales person took us in the fitting room (which is one large room with other brides and family’s) and I started trying them on. One by one we singled out colors, styles, cuts, and fabrics. We were there for over 3 hours and then I put it on….I thought it was THE ONE....Turns out my sales person had one more she wanted me to try on before we finalized the decision! I put it on and that was that it made everyone get teary eyed and I knew that was my dress. I even got to wonder around the store in it and look at different accessories and even take photos in it!!!!! While I was purchasing my dress the sisters started trying on bridesmaid dresses, even thought we didn’t purchase a bridesmaid dresses down there it was nice they didn’t have to sit around and wait for me!!!
SO I said YES to a dress and I can’t wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS- its going to make Joey CRY like a baby when he sees me in it

Friday, January 15, 2010

Birdcage Veil

I love this look!! And who ever knew that there are SO many options~~!
I thought i would share a few of them with you

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well we have started the New Year off right, we found a Photographer Amanda Julca that we LOVE

We have mailed out a good bit of our save the dates…and my wedding planner, Bliss events, has made a tentative wedding day schedule.

It’s all coming together!!
This weekend my sister, mother and myself are attended the 2010 Bridal Show in Columbus, Ohio.
Should be pretty interesting, a bunch a vendors shoving cake and photo albums in your face. The Isle ways full of Bridzellas and screaming babies.
Due to all of the wedding scheduling that I have been doing I have hardly had a moment to think about what my new year’s resolutions will be for 2010.
Honestly I just started to list my resolutions ….and they are all so trivial.
My new year’s resolution for 2010 is to live my life to the fullest while maintaining an amazing relationship with the love of my life, family and work!!!!
PS IM GETTING MARRIED IN 2010 what’s not to love about that!!!!!!<3

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Intrestign Idea

Thought i share this with everyone..i love creative minds!
This would be PERFECT for outdoor weddings...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Positive Planning

So a little progress has been made regarding the wedding...I’m currently creating the save the dates by using a super easy website (http://www.magnetstreet.com/). I can’t wait to get them done and in the mail, we are hoping that they will be mailed out by January 2010.

Tonight we are going to the Bexley Monk to listen to a band that we might hire to play the wedding called MOJOFLO (http://www.myspace.com/mojoflomusic), we are super excited and hopping that it works out.

The websites are totally coming together, as well as the color pallet.

The date still seems so far away, which makes me procrastinating very easy. Thankfully my mom, wedding planner and bridesmaids are amazing and encouraging (I just think it’s because they are all excited to see what they get to wear)!!!
Other than that the Holiday tree is up and all the presents are wrapped, and honestly I’m SUPER excited for some family time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The wishy washy bride to be

So I guess I have not updated the Blog in a while about the status of the wedding, and that’s because there is no update. We are listening to a few bands here and there, stalking photographers online, and still deciding who will marry us.
There are almost too many options with all of those decisions.

One thing that I have made progress on is the website, we have not one but two!!!!



I’m having so much fun with creating them, but don’t worry I stopped at two!
Now with the holidays knocking at our door, it’s almost hard to think about the wedding and the details that we need to hash out. One thing I HAVE to stop procrastinating on is the save the dates, because our wedding is on a holiday I need to get them picked out and ready to mail out by the first of the year so that all of our guests can plan accordingly!

Another thing I’m being a total flake on is the color choice for the wedding. Originally I was all about the yellow and gray color pallet, and now I’m into the navy and gray/ pewter color pallet. I think it will go much better with the pool deck and it is still modern and elegant. Another detail that I like is with the flower arrangements can have dark purple/navy/white flowers with pops of yellow.

If you have any photos or suggestions on any and all of it let me know!!!!
Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Date and Time

Well we did It we picked a date and a location!!

Originally I want to resist the idea of a hotel wedding, just like every other one.

But my mom and Joey were both patient and insistent that we explore every possible option. I ended up falling in love with the pool deck at The Renaissance Hotel in Downtown, Columbus.

It will not only work out PERFECTLY for our budget but also for the out of town gests and even the ones that live downtown.

So Cheers to September 4, 2010